Goal 3

Recruit, develop, and retain exceptional faculty and staff who are leaders in expanding knowledge to improve the quality of life and sustainability of the human and physical environment. 



Fiscal Year 2017 Results

The Cooperative Extension Service now has a well-developed new agent mentoring plan in place, and all Extension employees are informed of the plan. Current employees are recruited to serve as mentors directly by the potential mentee, and all new agents are encouraged to participate as mentees. The college is currently developing a plan for non-Extension staff mentoring as well.

Following the recruitment of a new senior director of philanthropy, philanthropic giving increased 301% from $6.7M in Fiscal Year 2016 to $26.9M in Fiscal Year 2017.

Fiscal year 2017 extramural grants and contracts awarded to CAFE faculty exceeded $58M, a 49% increase over the previous year.

CAFE faculty and staff reported 366 international trips to 65 different countries for engagements including research, collaboration, presentations, and recruiting in fiscal year 2017.

Goal 3 Microgoals

Goal 3A: By 2017, recommend policies and procedures to promote hiring and retention of high quality faculty and staff.

Goal 3B: Full-time faculty and staff will attend at least one professional development, continuing education, or business-procedure training on an annual basis.

Goal 3C: Using categories of faculty and staff, annually review compensation for at least one category per year with the goal of completing all by 2020 and repeat the reviews at least once every five years thereafter.

Goal 3D: By 2020, enable the CAFE Office for Advancement staff to increase external funding through gifts and endowments by 15 percent, or 3 percent annually.

Goal 3E: By 2020,increase grant and contract funding by 20 percent.

Goal 3F: Increase international scholarly exchange and collaboration.