Goal 6

Build state-of-the-art facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology.



Fiscal Year 2017 Results

CAFE received commitments from multiple organizations, including the Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association and the Kentucky Farm Bureau, for the new UK Grain and Forage Center for Excellence in Princeton, KY.

Restructuring of the Central Kentucky Farms has allowed funds to be allocated for new hay barns at the Little Research Center and the North Farm, new combine and tillage equipment, new fences, new roads, maintenance of the riparian areas, and renovation of the North Farm shop. A new dairy housing barn came online in April 2016. (Click image to view video of Cow Comfort Barn opening.)

New internet services came on-line at the Robinson Forest in July 2017. Sporadic 2 Mb/s upload and download speeds have increased to more dependable 92 Mb/s upload and download speeds. With this completion, all research farms and stations have high-speed internet access.

Goal 6 Microgoals

Goal 6A: Build a new state-of-the-art green, LEED-certified classroom building and event center. Plans and funding will be in place by June 30, 2018, with ground-breaking by 2020. 

Goal 6B: By 2020, all on- and off-campus facilities will have leading-technology Internet.

Goal 6C: By 2017, CAFE will provide funding necessary to resolve 25 percent of priority maintenance needs annually for off-campus facilities.

Goal 6D: By 2018, develop a plan for the implementation of certified “green” technologies for all on- and off-campus facilities.