Goal 1

Prepare highly motivated and culturally adaptive graduates who are competitive in a global economy and support societal values.

Goal 1 Microgoals

Goal 1A: By June 2016, a task force will be appointed to design and implement a system that ensures both undergraduate and graduate student success through recruitment, advising, student success initiatives and programming, and enhancements to the student life cycle. 

Goal 1B: Starting in 2016, track perceptions and assessments of College graduates' preparation to be competitive in a global economy.

Goal 1C: By 2020, the diversity of undergraduate students recruited to CAFE will increase by 12 percent. The diversity of each class will be maintained through graduation. 

Goal 1D: Triple the number of distance-learning courses at the undergraduate level by 2018, and by 2020 quadruple the number of distance learning offerings and implement an online master’s degree aimed at Extension agents.

Goal 1E: The CAFE Office for Advancement will increase the availability of funding for student enhancement and professional development activities such as scholarships, alumni contact, and an active professional social media presence.