Goal 2

Build and nurture relationships with the people of the Commonwealth and across the world.



Fiscal Year 2017 Results

Social media analytics show a 7% increase in awareness of the college initiatives across all platforms, and a 33% increase in engagement. CAFE implemented new internal communication channels, including the College Weekly calendar of events for students, faculty, and staff and the College Monthly e-newsletter. CAFE Agricultural Communications Services initiated focused efforts and video production with the marketing plan’s tagline: It starts with us. (click image to visit the CAFE Facebook page)

CAFE has extension agents spread across the state, providing services to stakeholders in every Kentucky county. CAFE has representation on most commodity boards, as well as representation for the duration of the Kentucky State Fair, National Farm Machinery Show, and the North American International Livestock Exhibition. The senior assistant dean has met with over 60 county judge executives in relation to the 2017 Extension Review.

CAFE mitigated Kentucky’s wheat freeze damage in the spring of 2017 through mobilization of a rapid response team of experts. (click image to view video about this project).

Goal 2 Microgoals

Goal 2A: By 2020, increase awareness of college programs and accomplishments by at least two percent annually.

Goal 2B: Develop relationships with nontraditional audiences to increase the organizational clientele base by at least two percent annually. 

Goal 2C: Nurture existing community relationships, networks, supporters, and partnerships with a goal of 90 percent annual retention.

Goal 2D: By 2020, develop a process for identifying and responding to emerging issues in Kentucky through a rapid response team system.